And…..they’re all online.  Click any of the photos below to see the galleries.  Since there were so many Cloverbud photos, I’ve given them their own gallery so they’ll be easier to find, and the rest of the photos from Saturday are in a separate gallery.  Click any photo below to get the gallery index.

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Photos from Friday are now in the gallery, mostly Draft Horse Pull and the Livestock Show.  Click any photo below to see the galleries.

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Photos from July 14, Thursday, are now online.  Note that because there are so many photos, they show up as several “pages” in the galleries.  You’ll need to click on the arrow at the top to get to the next page.

A few from Thursday.  You can click any photo to get to the galleries.

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I’ll be adding photos all week.  Galleries will be separated by day.  Hopefully that will make it easier to find what you’re looking for.  You can click any of the photos below to get to the gallery index.

Photos from Wednesday, July 13

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Ben and Jerry and the cows have been a little bit upset with me because they don’t have their own gallery.  Well, here it is.  Hopefully they’ll be happier now.  Click on any of the photos below to see the full gallery.  They’d also love it if you bought one of their portraits so that they could stare at you from you wall. 🙂

Cows and Calves
Cows and Calves
Cows and Calves
Seven Fifty Five
January 6, 2014:   cows and calves
January 6, 2014: cows and calves
April 25, 2015.   Kodak Portra 400, film, Hasselblad 201F, 110mm, The FIND Lab
April 25, 2015.
Kodak Portra 400, film, Hasselblad 201F, 110mm, The FIND Lab


Oh what fun!  Those two hours went by like 2 minutes!  You can click either of the photos below to go to the gallery.  I’ve separated the “Formal” photos, and the “Candid” photos.  Thanks to Jennifer Campbell for taking some of the candids.  She got some great photos!  I was swamped taking the formals, but I just had a blast with the kids!  🙂

If you were there, you should have gotten the password to the gallery.  (Note:  the letters in the password are all lower case).  I WILL NOT give out the password.  Contact another parent or the school if you don’t have it.

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February/8/13:  Princess Ball at Madison Primary School.

The Madison Flooring Company was started in 1946 by my father and a few partners.  Our family bought out the partners in the early 70’s.  I started working there in the summers when I was 14 years old, and continued the summer time employment all the way through college.  My brother and I ended up running the place after we got out of college and continued there until we finally sold the place to Mountain Lumber Company several years ago.  They have now moved all of their operations back to Ruckersville due to the economy, and the land and buildings are up for sale.  I stopped by and took a few photos one day a couple of weeks ago.

Sawdust bin and trailer loading system for the excess sawdust that we produced.

This building housed the lumber stacker. It was old and worn out when I got there but we continued to use it. A good crew of four people could stack about three tractor trailer loads of lumber in a day. Which is nothing compared to a modern day stacker, but it was enough for us.

Cat 944 loader. We bought it used and it was used to put up logs on the sawmill when I started there around 1974. The engine finally gave out a year or so ago. That piece of machinery did an incredible amount of work over the years. I’m not sure how we would have gotten along without it.
Water treatment and makeup water tank for the old Cole boiler. The boiler was made in 1925 and we used it up until the day the plant closed. The boiler supplied heat for the dry kilns and also space heat for the manufacturing plant. The boiler’s fuel was the sawdust and waste wood produced in the flooring manufacturing process.
Two dry kilns, each capable of drying approximately 60,000 board feet of lumber.