2016 Madison County Fair

And…..they’re all online.  Click any of the photos below to see the galleries.  Since there were so many Cloverbud photos, I’ve given them their own gallery so they’ll be easier to find, and the rest of the photos from Saturday are in a separate gallery.  Click any photo below to get the gallery index.

10-3454-3123 10-3454-3266 10-3454-3433 10-3454-3494 10-3454-3793 10-3454-3933 10-3454-4004 10-3454-4122 10-3454-4255 10-3454-4329 10-3454-4557 10-3454-4582 10-3454-4611

Photos from Friday are now in the gallery, mostly Draft Horse Pull and the Livestock Show.  Click any photo below to see the galleries.

10-3454-2321 10-3454-2335 10-3454-2348 10-3454-2483 10-3454-2495 10-3454-2620 10-3454-2627 10-3454-2887

Photos from July 14, Thursday, are now online.  Note that because there are so many photos, they show up as several “pages” in the galleries.  You’ll need to click on the arrow at the top to get to the next page.

A few from Thursday.  You can click any photo to get to the galleries.

10-3454-1076 10-3454-1081 10-3454-1284 10-3454-1833 10-3454-1923 10-3454-2125

I’ll be adding photos all week.  Galleries will be separated by day.  Hopefully that will make it easier to find what you’re looking for.  You can click any of the photos below to get to the gallery index.

Photos from Wednesday, July 13

10-3454-0002 10-3454-0263 10-3454-0570 10-3454-0748 10-3454-0832 10-3454-0848 10-3454-099710-3454-1042

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